Welcome to Ironworks Multisport!

Hello, and welcome to Ironworks Multisport!  This is a new project that I’m beginning, the latest in a lifelong journey in endurance sports.  I’ve been training, racing, and competing in a wide variety of sports ever since I can remember, and over the years I’ve had the time, mostly during those long, solo bike rides, to develop my own personal philosophy of training.  The name Ironworks Multisports reflects that philosophy.  My father is a blacksmith and I’ve spent many hours in his shop helping him to create beautiful things at his forge, and to me the process of training is very similar.  You take raw material and through hard work, imagination, vision, knowledge, and artistry, you can shape it and mold it into something better, stronger, and more beautiful.  The work is hard in both instances, but the results, whether it be the creation of a piece of wrought iron or an Ironman athlete, are enormously satisfying.  Of course there are also great differences in what can be asked of a piece of iron and of a human body, and through the years of my own training I’ve learned the value of rest, recovery, patience, and consistancy.

I am currently training to resume my own racing career next year after prolonged time off from competition due to a torn rotator cuff.  I will be racing with the goal of qualifying for the 2011 70.3 World Championships, but I will also be coaching a select group of athletes.  I offer only one package, and due to the time I spend on each athlete’s training schedule I only work with a small number of athletes.  My coaching is all inclusive, without different tiers and different levels of contact allowed.  My coaching is also full access: I send you all your workouts, which I design individually for each athlete, and you can call me or email me with any questions you have.  It’s that simple, really.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ironheintz@gmail.com.  I always enjoy talking about training and helping people with their fitness and racing goals so don’t hesitate to get in touch!  Please keep checking back with this page too, I’ll be posting lots of workouts, recipes, training advice, and news from the world of Ironworks Multisport!  Thanks for reading; now wouldn’t you rather be training?  Turn your computer off and go for a run!