K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light: The Ironworks Multisport Review

After 14 years as a triathlete, I know pretty much all there is to know about blisters.  I’ve finished races where my white shoes have been turned red and I’ve spent days hobbling around on mangled feet.  I think I had blisters of some sort after nearly every race, until I started racing in the K-Swiss Kwicky Blade light.  It’s without a doubt the most comfortable shoe I’ve every raced in before.  The upper is made of one single piece of ion mask hydrophobic material, so even as you sweat and pour water over your head during a race or hot workout, the shoes stay dry.  Top that off with the light weight and responsive feel, and you’ve got a perfect shoe for racing and fast paced training.  I’ve even done some of my long runs in them and been perfectly comfortable.  And you don’t have to take my word for it, Leanda Cave wore these to victory in Kona this year.  So if you’re looking for the ideal shoe for racing, fast training runs, and ultimate comfort, look no further!  Pick up a part of K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Lights and run fast, comfortable, and blister free.